Welcome to Valpo Velvet Ice Cream Company 

57 Monroe Street, Downtown Valparaiso 46383


Valpo Velvet is celebrating 72 years! Thank you to all of our amazing customers who helped us achieve this milestone! 








“We take great pride in continuing to make Indiana’s Finest Ice Cream.”

Our small ice cream plant is unique because we still make all of our products from scratch. This means that we homogenize and pasteurize the cream and other ingredients to produce our own mix, which we use to produce all of our flavors.

Gordon Brown attributed the quality of his product to the basic mix he and his father developed in Valparaiso. The mix consists of cream, sugar, non-fat milk, corn syrup and gelatin. Very few companies still use gelatin as a stabilizer, Brown said, noting that gelatin is a natural product. We use fresh ingredients and more solids, but they have to be balanced. Too much solids and you get a sandy or soggy product. A lot of ice cream makers don’t even make their own mix anymore. Gordon Brown also said that the speed of handling also affects flavor and quality. We freeze Valpo Velvet in a way which causes fewer ice crystals to form. After freezing the ice cream, we put it in the hardening room. We spread it out to get plenty of air movement, and by allowing this circulation, we have a smoother product. It is stored in our hardening room until it is ready to be delivered to stores and restaurants. That makes Valpo Velvet products as fresh as ice cream can be.  Valpo Velvet gets their cream fresh every week from Pleasant View Dairy in Highland, IN. The farmers that supply Pleasant View Dairy have all pledged to never use Artificial Growth Hormones, which fits with Indiana's stance on being a growth hormone free state. 

We take great pride in continuing to make Indiana’s Finest Ice Cream. We are constantly adding new flavors to meet the ever changing needs of today’s market. We have the best premium ice cream on the market and hope that you have the chance to try it. You will not be disappointed!